LoRa AMR Smart remote wireless valve-controlled water meter

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The DEBIEN®LoRa wireless water meter uses advanced wireless transmission technology to convert information from traditional mechanical water meters into electrical signals, which are stored via microelectronic control circuits. With a battery life of 8 years, the DEBIEN®LoRa wireless water meter comes with a 36-month limited warranty.

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LoRa wireless water meter adopts advanced wireless transmission technology, which transforms information of conventional mechanical water meter into electrical signal that stored by micro-electronics control circuit. It is able to automatically read the metering data via wireless remote network and control the close and open of the valve.

Technologies Applied

◆ Battery life 6 years
◆ Star network structure, small delay, long transmission distance
◆ With valve control
◆ 1.0MPA, IP68
◆ Transmit distance 1000m
◆ Band OEM

Technical Parameters
Item Unit Details
Nominal diameter mm 15 20 25
Measuring range (Q3/Q1) 80
Overload flow (Q4) mm³/h 3.125 5 7.875
Nominal flow (Q3) 3.125 4 6.3
Transitional flow (Q2) 2.5 0.08 0.13
Minimum flow (Q1) 0.05 0.05 0.08
Accuracy class Class 2
Temperature class T30/T50/T90
Pressure class MAP10
Pressure loss class △p63
Flow profile sensitivity class U10/D5
Environmental class Class B
Electromagn. class E1
Static current uA <10
Power Supply 2.8 V-3.6 V
Transmit Power 50 mW
Sleep Current 2.5 uA
Average Current 20uA
Transmission Distance 1000 m (Good situation)
Working temperature -10℃~55℃



The Data concentrator (LoRa) consists of three parts: DTU (GPRS), control board and LoRa module The function of collecting, storing and transmitting LoRa wireless water meter data is realized.
It mainly used in the remote meter reading and data analytics and processing, the data concentrator achieves the functionalities reading of LoRa wireless water meters,the data remote transmission.


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