Maintenance And Repair Tips Of Butterfly Valve


butterfly valve is a kind of flow regulating device, which includes a rotating disk to operate the liquid flowing in the process. In the vertical position of the butterfly valve, there is a metal-based disc that operates the closing technology of the fluid flowing. The closing-off operation of this valve is exactly the same as the closing operation of a ball valve. 

Compared with the float ball valve, this valve has the following advantages:

Lightweight; therefore it does not require much support.

Compared with other similar valves with different designs, its cost is lower.

The butterfly valve is a reliable and close-fitting two-way valve, which is widely used in food, shipbuilding, and other industries. Compared with other valves, the installation of butterfly valves is definitely a cost-effective way. By closing the disc, the butterfly valve can also play a role in guiding the flow and closing the liquid/gas.

How to repair and maintain butterfly valves in different pipelines?

The following tips for butterfly valve maintenance can be given to you for your reference:

Butterfly valves need regular maintenance and repair after working in different working environments for a period of time. General maintenance can be divided into minor repairs, medium repairs, and heavy repairs.

The specific analysis depends on the environmental conditions of the pipeline. Because different industries require different maintenance and repair procedures, for example, in the pipeline maintenance of petrochemical enterprises, the pipeline pressure is required to be lower than PN16MPa, and the medium temperature is lower than 550°C. Different maintenance conditions are required for various physical and chemical pipeline transportation media.

The minor repair process of various pipeline butterfly valves, including cleaning nozzles and oil cups, replacing o-rings, cleaning threads and valve stems, removing debris in the valve, tightening screws, and configuring handwheels. All of these can be used as scheduled maintenance. Medium repair: including minor repair items, replacement of clean parts, valve body repair, sanding of seals, valve stem straightening, etc. These items can be used for an overhaul in the factory. Heavy repair: Included in the mid-repair project, replacement of valve stems, repair of brackets, replacement of springs and seals. When these are needed, the butterfly valve suffers huge damage.

In order to prevent rust and oiling, butterfly valves should be properly maintained.

At the top of the valve, there is a lubricating oil fitting. This may not be observed when the valve arrives. Make sure to apply grease to the neck of the valve at regular intervals until the excess grease flows out.

In the gearbox, you can use lithium-based grease for maintenance.

You can use any silicon-based product/lubricant to easily clean all parts of the valve.

If you do not use it frequently, please try rotating or cycling the butter valve once a month.

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Post time: May-14-2021